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WSJ - CIO Role Not Keeping Pace With Technology

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What Can John Lennon Teach Us About #DevOps? By @John_B_Smith | @DevOpsSummit

What Can John Lennon Teach Us About #DevOps? By @John_B_Smith | @DevOpsSummit — “Life,” according to a saying often attributed to John Lennon, “is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Nowhere is this truer than in IT – especially in the world of ops. Operations staffs spend much of their time firefighting infrastructure emergencies. These unplanned activities drive up costs and keep IT from focusing on the support of new projects that have strategic value to the business. And, according to numbers from IDC and others, things are getting worse – not better. IT’s server firefighting costs have multiplied by 8-10x over the past 20 years, while spending on servers themselves has remained flat. So IT leaders have to more aggressively confront the issue of unplanned activities if they’re going to survive the coming application onslaught.
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NetEnrich is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Infrastructure Services, 2015

Cool Vendors in Infrastructure Services, 2015

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Out of the Shadow – Enlightened IT

Out of the Shadow – Enlightened IT By @NetEnrich | @CloudExpo [#Cloud] — Infrastructure and Operations Management may seem like just so many blinking lights in the back room, as parallel shadow projects are launched by department heads who can't wait on IT. Today, these shadow projects are more prevalent than ever as more non-tech managers look for easy access to tech functionality. There can be serious unintended consequences both for IT and for the business as a whole. Cloud computing and easy-to-deploy software, available at lower price points, decentralize technology, which gives business managers a peek behind IT's silicon curtain. What was once a virtual and mysterious priesthood of little-understood tools and unintelligible code becomes a do-it-yourself model that deploys services at the click of a mouse, at less cost, with deliverables that everyone understands.
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IT Operations Management in the Era of “Bimodal IT”

No doubt about it, the enterprise IT landscape is shifting. IT organizations that once only had to worry about what they could control internally - operating systems, applications and hardware – are now facing enormous pressure, and diminishing relevance, with an increasing number of users bringing their own computers, mobile devices, applications, and now in some cases, wearable technologies into the enterprise.

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NetEnrich Earns Spot on the 2014 Talkin’ Cloud 100

NetEnrich is proud to announce that it has earned recognition as one of the world’s Top 100 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), according to Penton Media’s fourth annual Talkin’ Cloud 100 report.

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How to Achieve Holistic and Agile DevOps Through Intelligent IT Ops

Historically, the release of an application by the development team to production or operations teams has created significant problems for IT organizations. For example, early knowledge about the development process and configurations used is often lost upon the release of the application, leaving the operations team with little choice, but to resort to reverse engineering to determine the correct configurations and to troubleshoot and fix discrepancies in the environment. This effort not only wastes time and slows down releases dramatically, but also ties up valuable IT bandwidth that could be working on more strategic projects.  

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When it Comes to Shellshock Vulnerability, NetEnrich is on Your Side

On September 24, the Shellshock bug, also known as CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 first emerged, and has since targeted Linux and Unix operating systems around the globe. 

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When it Comes to Providing IT Operations, Don’t Settle

When I am out in the field meeting with partners and prospects, I get asked a lot of questions about what separates good IT Operations Services from great IT Operations. It’s a good question and my answer revolves around these five areas: Scale. Complexity. Automation. Value. Reliability.  

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Common NOC Pitfalls to Avoid

The relationship that a channel partner has with its NOC provider can offer great business value. Fact is, you are looking for an experienced IT operations provider – a true partner who can deliver high-value services into SMB and Enterprise accounts, and such a partner can drive return for your organization in many ways. 

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